About Us

Economy Forum 2020 is an event where people who have made fortune in the sector of economy will be sharing the details of their experience. Make sure you carry a pen and notebook so that you don’t miss a single word provided.

To be a part of this conference, you need to know your product and know how to market it to a potential investor. A product is any technology product or the product of a business model that actually solves a problem.

Chase Fade
CBO Tentucks Inc.
Anthony Mac
CEO Nesto
Sahah Rozen
Head of Marketing Dateche Foundation
Herow Peter
CTO Enato Peart
Stuart Devis
Co-Founder Devis Brown
Adam Wing
CEO Helan Mu

This year was already historic in that now 10,000 founders have joined the incubator in Singapore. And this year, there is a new distinction – the inaugural Startup 2020 was called EPP and the conference ended in a tie-up with NYC SALT conference and the upcoming RNS conference that will be coming to Bengaluru soon.

There are some new names, but also new directions, this year. About 2.000 entrepreneurs attended the conference, so about 30/40 founders are present.