Adam Wing

  • CEO
  • Helan Mu

Adam is a motivational speaker, a pioneer in the world of wheelchair wheelchairs, a sponsor of companies that provide retail service for people with disabilities, and founder and chairman of the nonprofit National Foundation for Apologies and Sports, which uses sponsorship to bring more resources to injured people and their families. He is also a freelance journalist and gives talks to major media companies and conventions.


  • Rising methods of economical imbalance

    The economical imbalance creates multiple problems like drastic profit depreciation. To minimize such a problem, we will be giving a session on identification of such issues.

  • The Future of Service and Operations

    This session walks through the overall service and operations sector where people can learn in-depth analysis of certain companies for further understanding of the idea.

  • Ensuring Quality Before Testing with BDD collaboration

    This session walks through the purpose, benefits, usage, collaboration, demo with the use of Behavior Driven Development approach. With this methodology, teams of product owners, developers, and testers can collaborate to figure out the requirements and features to be developed first.